The Best Affiliate Marketing Tip To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

Discover the best affiliate marketing tip that can make or break your affiliate marketing business. sokosbeauty There are many affiliate marketing programs available online. It is a pretty simple concept and it is touted as an online business opportunity which do not require a website or your own products.

It is well known that less than 10% of the affiliates make money and yet thousands jump on to the affiliate marketing band wagon everyday hoping to hit the Jackpot. To be really successful you have to invest a lot of time to master affiliate marketing and learn the different strategies involved.

ClickBank is a very good source to start out your search for affiliate products. Once you have decided on the niche and identified the best affiliate products to promote, you will have to get the affiliate link.

What is an affiliate link? It is a special URL that contains the user ID of the affiliate. This URL is used by the vendors to track all traffic the affiliate sends to their sales page. sokopm In this way, the vendor knows who send the traffic and can thus pay the commission to the right affiliate, once the visitor buys their product.

Now all the affiliate has to do is to use the affiliate link to drive traffic to the sites. Many affiliate marketers create either free or self-hosted blogs to promote the products, by writing reviews or write-up of the product and embedding the affiliate link in the content. Others place the affiliate links on their Facebook fanpage or Tweets.

For instant traffic, some will buy ‘pay-pay-click’ (PPC) advertisements. However, if one is not careful this method can result in a very high advertising costs. For those affiliates who jump into PPC without doing the proper research and study, they can lose lots of money. It is not as simple as it seems.

Many affiliates fail to implement one important component for successful affiliate marketing. This is often overlooked by many affiliates especially new affiliates. sokobobbleheads Failure to implement this will result in traffic leakages to the vendors and a big loss in current and future earnings.

So what is the missing component? Many affiliates shorten or cloak their affiliate links and send the visitors directly to the vendor’s sales page via the affiliate link. At first glance, it seems to be correct and the perfect thing to do.

Or is it? The best affiliate marketing tip is to send the visitors to your presell opt-in page or squeeze page, after they clicked on the affiliate link. You can offer them a free eBook or software download as an incentive for them to give their first name and e-mail address.

In this way, you are sending traffic to the vendors’ sales pages and at the same time, you are building your own e-mail list. With a list, latestbusinesses you can explode your affiliate sales by sending follow-up e-mails as most visitor do not always buy the first time they see the sales page.

By Edwin Ann


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