Flirty Text Messages – Trigger Your Man’s Love Emotions With These Tasteful Texting Tips

Are you looking to add a little spice to your relationship? Have you thought about the affect that flirty text messages can have on him if you know the right way to use them? Would you like to find out how to keep a man thinking about you even if you are nowhere near him? With flirty text messages, you can turn those quick little contacts into messages that will stay with him long after he finishes reading them.

Flirt Selectively

The number one thing about flirty text messages is that you have to be careful who you’re sending them to. Are you one of those girls who like to flirt with and tease every guy you come in contact with? If so, you may have an upset and jealous boyfriend on your hands. A guy does not like his girlfriend to flirt with other guys, but he probably loves it when you flirt with him. By the same token, dirty text to send your girlfriend he won’t like it if he finds out that you’re sending flirty text messages to other guys either. So save them for him and him alone.

Some Things Are Better Said Through Text

You can use a flirty message to say the things you may think about but don’t want to come right out and say. Sometimes those down and dirty messages that fall flat when you try to say them face to face, work perfectly when you write them down. You can be hot and sexy with a text and leave him in a – can’t wait to see her kind of mood. A short little text can be even better than a quick phone call or even a voice message.

The other good part about text messaging is you can plan what you want to say. You can work on that flirty little message until you know it sounds just right and then have the pleasure of picturing his face when he reads it.

Put A Smile On His Face

Texting is a great way to stay in touch with the person you love, when you are apart. If he’s at work, your message can be a fun break in the middle of a tough day. If he’s out with the guys, it’s a great way of making him think about you, and if you can put a huge smile on his face when he’s with his buddies, that’s even better.

Receiving is just as much fun as sending when it comes to those flirty text messages. If you end yours with a question or make a comment that challenges him to reply, you’ll be more likely to be able to join in the fun and get a reply. And don’t forget the xoxo at the end.


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