Exiled to Nilodnog (The Blue Prince – Linked to The Soldiers of Nirut)

“Let him be called ‘The Blue Prince, villanyt-szere‘ for that name his father chose during the great war of Lihterb, ere, war came between the old King Rout, and the South, the two brothers known as Goth and Magoth. During this war, Prince Scro of Nilodnog was visiting King Rout, and the war was not doing well for the north, between the two kingdoms, the south against the north of Lihterb. And King Rout begged the prince to take his boy of thirteen, to his hidden kingdom, the hidden island of Nilodnog, and care for him as he would, for he knew when he lost the war, Roth would kill all royalty, all links to the throne of the northern kingdom. otthonszuletik

And the Prince of Nilodnog pitied the dying king, Rout, and he and his soldiers, with the boy escaped out of the Great City, to the Great Sea, and sailed into the mist, and the boy would be raised accordingly. And he dwelled there as the southern kingdom fought and took the north, and King Rout lay down and died. Prince Scro, twenty-five at the time, brought the boy into his island kingdom, and he had a fair face, and broad shoulders, and was skilled at this young age in warfare, and strong, and slightly tall, valiant he was, and proud. izomautok

Ere, the young prince pronounced ruin for the king of the north, King Roth.

In the passing of years the life of this new king, without a throne remained a mystery to the kingdom of the north, almost legendary. And many in their hearts waited for his return, for Roth ruled with an iron hand, and cold heart. And the two brothers fought one another with words for the right to rule as one king over both lands, neither one willing to give an inch. kutyulva

The Gate to Nilodnog

During these days, the Blue Prince lived on this hidden island some 900-miles from the mainland; there was a river that led into the belly of the Great Island from the sea. Should the High King of Lihterb ever find a way through the fog to the island, it would be his pleasure to take that island’s throne. On the other hand, it was the wish of the Blue Prince to dethrone Roth, and take his rightful place on the throne, yet he was now but nineteen years of age. pollenindex

This mist that covered the island was a product of magic from the wizard Nortel-Iron, over 2000-years old. And a fear was on the island, should he die, then what would happen to the magic spell that produced the mist. It was a mystery kept by the wizard.

During these days, the Blue Prince’s heart boiled for revenge, but under the orders of Prince Scro II (now king), he remained on the island. His father having been ill, had died most recently, and thus, was made king within these days.

Princess Laira (fourteen years old), daughter to King Scro II, and queen Arial of Nilodnog, did not care any longer to be a captive to her own island, and with Roth, her childhood friend, they took a royal vessel, and sailed through the fog to the shores of the northern kingdom of Lihterb. Upon arrival King Goth’s soldiers saw them even before they disembarked; once captured they took them to the Great City, within the fortress of the empire, and the king himself questioned her. Under duress, she pointed to the kingdom, where it would be should be if one was to sail directly. For in the past no boat ever sailed into this island, or if they did, they never found neither their way back out, nor could the greatest of navigators find it. princefoundation

The king slew her himself, with a danger, and let Roth free to sail his way back home; to frighten the new king if this could be. Then the king set a price on whoever could find this island, their weight in gold.

Under the Star

Long had King Roth sought this island, to no avail, it was one evening some weeks after he had slew the Princess, he walked the shores where he had found her, looking out towards the sunset, and it came into his mind how he would love to conquer this hidden island, then it came to him that she, the princess had pointed to a star, not to her island per se, when she pointed, it was an automatic response, a certain star that led the vessel back to their island home. The question would be, had it been too long, where the star had shifted beyond the island, or was it still partly over it yet. He would take the chance. Thus, he found the star he figured was where she had pointed, and the following day, an hour before twilight, he ventured into the open sea, with 150-vessels, and 150-soldiers to a vessel, some 7500-soldiers, and they followed the sign, the star, through the fog. This was the princess’s mistake he figured. Blogline

As they got closer to the island, the tides seemed to rise, slap the ship silly almost, as if the wizard was at work, until morning when the king spotted the island, and the fog remained in back of them for the most part now. The closer they got to the land, it became more clear, and larger, and it began to rise all around them engulf them. And there was an opening, a gate into the belly of the island, a river of sorts, deep it was so the vessels had little trouble navigating though this waterway.


This was to him the land of the enemy and the river as it was, took the vessels slowly along its pathway, winding it was, like a snake, and no stir of life in the wooded areas along the shoreline.

Several miles into the river, several solders on the first vessel, the king’s yacht, spotted two boys (Gilmore and Acrimonious). They were almost in shock when they seen this armada of vessels. Swords were drawn, and bows were pulled back, and arrows were placed on the strings of the bows, and the boys saw this, and escaped quickly into the woods, found their way back to the palace, and explained to the captain of the guards what mysterious thing they had seen.

When King Scro II, heard of this, he informed the Blue Prince, and readied his fortress for an extended battle.

The Blue Prince was a gifted warrior, and grabbed the ancient shield of the forefathers of Nilodnog, and the thinnest of swords, sharp and with the strongest metal known to the kingdom. A black, gold and silver helmet, and a blue cloak, and with the speed of a deer he ran to the banks of where the two lads had spotted the king of the northern lands of Lihterb and his Armada. And he thought: if this be my doom, I shall nevertheless, get my vengeance once and for all.


The Blue Prince stood along the banks of the river, as King Roth came out of a thin mist, seeping up from the river, it seemed as if his shadow had leaped off the boat all the way to where the Prince was standing, on a seven foot embankment. The vessels all stopped, the king stood erect, the king now but 30-yards from the prince. The king was a great height, compared to the Prince, then the Prince bowed, took the king by surprise. He even told his soldiers to lower their weapons. He was savoring this moment. But in his heart, he could not allow the Prince to live, lest he have rebellion in with his troops, not knowing who were loyal to the legend of this young prince, or to him. The prince glimmered from his crown, to his brow to his feet. The king had left himself wide open, his posture was unguarded. Then the prince opened up his cloak, and pulled his sword, which glowed also, his long golden hair waving in the wind, as he twisted his frame and thrust the sword into the air, like a flash it zoomed through the space between him and the king, the mist of the water somewhat blinding the king, for he saw only a flash, and then the flash turned into thin steel within his heart, he dropped to his knees, and fire set into his eyes, as he fell face down on the deck, and died. All were stunned, as thousands of voices cried out “The King is dead! The King is dead!”

Then the Blue Prince spoke, “Cast your eyes upon me, and your weapons to your side, I am, and always have been your king in waiting… (a silence took over the area as all eyes fell upon him, and all weapons fell to the sides of the soldiers); I am the foundation of the world, I will lead you to victory.” And all bowed to this young prince that was now king, and he spoke, “Rise and fear no more you dead king.” And so it was, the Blue King became the ruler of the Northern kingdom, and he no longer remained exiled on Nilodnog. And as he assembled his kingdom, he told his soldiers, “Look to the South,” and it was that King Magoth of the Southern Kingdom, heard this, and trembled, for the Blue King had both his army and the support of King Scro II, especially knowing now, his brother, like him, had slew his daughter.


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