Better Cell Phone Coverage Inside Your Home or Cabin

I live in a remote mountain community which is primarily a second home vacation resort. Since we are high in the mountains cell phone reception is rather spotty and for some providers it is non-existent. My community is not alone in this respect. Cellular phone usage is rapidly growing and will eventually be the only phone service many people will use. I, for one, do not have a LAN telephone line and rely solely on my cell. link building services

Some of my friends, who have homes in large cities, still complain that their cell service inside their house is not very good. They have to go outside or stand on one foot next to the refrigerator to make calls! With all the cell service providers stating they are the most powerful, I am still surprised to hear this.

Better coverage is available to these people with the use of Cell phone amplification or repeaters systems. These systems, which are pretty easy to install, can take your minimal signal and boost it significantly. It is like installing your very own private cell phone tower. Because it boosts your cell phone signal it will also boost your cell service data card (Internet card) giving you more reliable internet. Another plus to installing one of these units is that it helps keeps your cell phone charged longer. A weak signal that a cell phone is constantly searching for drains your battery rather quickly. Increasing the strength of the signal takes less effort for your cell phone thereby reducing your battery usage. information technology service provider

A system consists of primarily 3 units.

  • Outside Antenna- The outside antenna picks up the signal from the closest cell phone tower. There are various antennas available from small, stick to your window, antennas to Yagi directional antennas. Choosing the correct antenna really depends on how weak your signal is. The strongest is the Yagi antenna which should be placed on your roof pointing to the closest cell tower.
  • Booster or amplifier- This unit is the powerhouse behind the system. It takes the signal that is brought in from the outside antenna and amplifies it. There are many different strength amplifiers available to choose from. How strong your “raw” signal is will determine if you need a super strength booster or one with less power (and less cost).
  • Inside Antenna – This antenna is your “inside Cell tower”. It takes the amplified signal produced by the amplifier and sends it to your phone.


The process is reversed when placing a call as well.

There are many systems to choose from and it may be daunting at first but Wilson Electronics have put together several wonderful packages that come complete with recommended antennas, the amplifier and the necessary cabling. Alfao

The SOHO (Small Home, Small Office) kit (841245) is perfect for the average home office. It is wireless in operation, meaning there is no direct connection necessary for your phone or data card. It is dual band which will work for most cell phone providers except iDEN/Nextel (see 844006 for that service), and because it is wireless it will support multiple users and data cards.

The SIGNALBOOST Desktop Cell Phone Amplifier Booster- (801247) is an affordable solution if you need better coverage at your desk or in one particular area. This complete package is easy to install and will also support multiple phones and data cards. Cellboost.


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